Weeks of January 16, 23 & 30, 2011

The weather continues to be spectacular here in LA.  Tom and I have been watching the snow storms in the Southeast as that is where we are headed. It didn’t look good for the trip until recently but now we think we’ll be able to fly into Atlanta.

We’re visiting my niece Christine and her family who live 30 miles away. M y sister Jeanne is coming in from Iowa to spend a few days with us before Tom and I head south to Savannah.

From there we go to Hilton Head and on to Charleston before heading back to Atlanta.

Normally I would have researched what we are doing with whom on what day, but honestly I’ve been too busy with my Reunion effort.  I have booked the flights, hotels, cars and planned the Atlanta portion.  Other than that, I’m taking Tom at his word when he said “I’ll handle it.”

Lucky for us, friends will be house sitting.

A few things came up this week.  On my way out the door to the gym my agent called with an Arbys commercial.  On another day I got an urgent email asking me to attend a Heifer meeting to discuss details of a project we’ve been working on for many months. Fortunately I could go.

Then I got a confirmation email about another meeting I had mistaken schedule for next month.  Yikes! But we flip flopped a few things and I got that meeting done over the phone.

Actually, the week turned out rather lively and I’ll take that any time over the ordinary.

Tom’s physical therapy session went wonderfully well.   He’s been fearful to let anyone touch him via massage or acupressure for years. He just didn’t trust them to not increase his pain.  Well, that has all changed.  The physical therapist spent 45 minutes talking with him before he even touched his neck.  Tom said he felt some relief almost immediately.  He’s actually looking forward to another session before we leave town.

Since his headache is now under control he has resumed piano lessons.  It’s been at least 2 months since he has practiced but I think the break may have done him some good.  There is a fluidity that wasn’t there before.

Managed to get my 2010 Career Update postcard ready for mailing. I send it annually to about 425 casting directors in voice, commercials and theatrical projects, IE film & TV.  I won’t’
actually mail them until I am back and available for work.  But at least they are stamped and ready.

Before I forget I am on BIG LOVE on Sunday, on HBO.  I play a school principal on their season premier.  That morning I’ m lectoring at the 10:30 Mass.

I’m going to try to get a massage on Monday.  That or get my hair cut and dyed.  I need both.

Tuesday I have a conference call with the Heifer Leadership Board to go over the notes of the meeting last week.  None of them could make it so I will be the liaison for both groups.   

I’ve asked Mary Pat, Mary and Barb top join me for a reception at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Tuesday evening.  As a donor to our public television station I could bring 3 friends to this appetizer and cocktail event.  I’ve been to this museum, when I first hit LA about 28 years ago.  It was a hoot them and undoubtedly will be a hoot on Tuesday.  I intend to take way too many photos.

I want to give a big shout out to two of my favorites, big sister Elaine on her 67th, and fabulous niece Allie on her 23rd .  Rock on, Ladies!

Your name:
Ann Anderson on January 26, 2011
My husband passed away in February 2010 from ALS at the age of 47. Consequently, I've become very involved in the ALS Association. I was in LA in December meeting with two soap opera folks regarding how they may help spread awareness about this torturous disease. Would you be willing to speak with me to discuss if you might also be a voice for the cause? When I was in D.C. last May attending the ALS Advocacy Day I saw a woman your niece's age who was already in a wheelchair, unable to speak or breathe on her own. However, she had such a great spirit about her. Did you know that veteran's are twice as likely to develop ALS than non-vets? I'm hoping you will think about my request and contact me at: [email protected] or at: 708-275-6496. Thank you for your time. Ann Anderson