Week of Febraury 26, 2012

No auditions this week until a 23 page animation script arrived via email Friday morning.  Wow! That's a “wake up and get moving” task if ever there was one. Voiced a huge, one eyed monster!  Fun!

Very slow week in that it went exactly as planned.  Was able to jump over to FIDM to see their Oscar nominated costume Exhibit.  It’s their 20th year featuring the film honoree’s and the only exhibit of it’s kind in the world. Exhibit closes May 23 so I intend to return with our friend Terry Kilburn who will be visiting in March.

While on the elliptical I turned on the TV to find the ESPN Sprint All Star Celebrity Basketball Game.  Now I don’t watch sports for the most part but this really captured my eye.  The main reason being comedian Kevin Hart.  Oh my goodness, he is hilarious, small in stature and a fabulous ball player.  His trash talking made me smile the entire game.  Unfortunately I had to switch machines before the game ended but I have no doubt his team won.  They were 20 points a head at half time.

Started preliminary work on the Keaney (maternal side) Clan Global Reunion. It’s not official but at least I opened a reunion bank account.  The last reunion chair is having “left ove”r funds transferred into that account from Australia and Ireland.  Once we see what finally comes in I can begin to think more seriously about it.

I finished a marvelous 6 hr audio series called THIS I BELIEVE the personal philosophies of remarkable men and women.  It’s a 5 CD project from NPR.  It is so inspirational and thought provoking.

Winnie gave it to me about five years ago.  I listened to one disc and put it aside meaning to return to it.  Last week I found it again and started listening.  What a knockout series.

I found it just in time, not only for my enjoyment but for my friend Martha, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and lives in a nursing home.  She is immobile and has difficulty speaking although she mentally sharp.  I’m just about finished reading THE GREAT GATSBY to her and was wondering what to do next.  THIS she will love.

Saturday afternoon with the Girls was fabulous.  We spent about 90 minutes at a huge warehouse sale filled with designer labels at 80% to 90% off.  I ended up dropping $156 for five t-shirts, two blouses, two jackets, three pants and a bra!

Then it was off to the San Antonio Winery for lunch.  Not much of a wine drinker I splurged with decaf.  Not a coffer drinker either so decaf feels celebratory.  Happy birthday to MP & Cece.

I’m the Lector at the 10:30 Mass on Sunday.  Then I am doing absolutely nothing but watching the Oscars, all of it, while I work on shortening the curtains on our sun porch.  I finished the ones in the master bedroom and need to press on with these other ones.

I’m happy to say I have a commercial audition Monday morning.  Will swing by the locksmith to get some extra keys made.  Might as well go to Trader Joe’s Market while I’m in the area. Then over to a bakery to pick up a cheesecake which will promptly be frozen. You see I bought a Groupon for this item thinking I’d use it for our Christmas party.  Then I decided on an Italian menu and went with tiramasu instead.  Now the Groupon is about to expire and we are in Lent.  Won’t touch that goodie til after Easter.

Facial on Tuesday. Thursday if nothing keeps me away, I’ll see the National Theater Live broadcast of COMEDY OF ERRORS, one of my favorite Shakespearen plays.

If you get a chance go to this link http://vimeo.com/36613675 to see the pilot presentation I did last year called FOREVER YOUNG AT HEART.   

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Week of February 19, 2012

Well Folks, I booked THE MENTALIST, a truly fabulous show.  I also worked it last week in the bitter morning cold of Acton, CA.

An hour north of LA, Acton is in the Soledad Canyon area where it’s remote, gorgeous and deliciously quiet.

It’s an area that has been used by the film industry since the beginning of film.  Many westerns have been shot there, as well as feature films, tv series and specials.  The area offers so many different settings and environments.  In fact I shot my second LA job there, doing THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO in the Fall of 1981.  It was great to be back.

Got my last W2 on Saturday so Tuesday I have the pleasure of mailing off my end of year tax stuff to our accountant.  Yay!!

Sunday after I serve at Mass as a Eucharistic Minister, Tom is dropping me off at Mary Pat’s where I will have lunch before we head out to be judges for a Lions Club sponsored Public Speaking contest for high schoolers.

I ended up agreeing to do it and to finding one more judge, as a church friend is president of the Lion’s Club.  How could I say no? Ought to be a hoot   

I’ve been altering some curtains this past week and will continue to do so in the coming week.  As I began to plan for our summer travel and arranging for friends to be in our home while we are away, I decided it was time to get to those tasks, long on my TO DO list.

Tuesday I do my sixth outing of the year for SurveyLA.  I got a bunch of new information they want us to include in our presentations so I’ll be taking a second look at that before heading out.

Lent kicks off with Ash Wednesday.  We hope to attend the 12:30 Mass or the 5:30 if auditions dictate.

I’m going to dial in on a live stream meeting on the Internet of my unions discussion of merger.  I am ardently PRO merger of SAG and AFTRA. It will increase our bargaining strength and give us more power to safeguard our wages, residuals, working conditions and, our pension and health benefits. Our employers operate across all types of media. We must have the power to meet them as one union with one voice. Forming one union ensures that we cannot be divided, and will help us to protect what we have while we organize new work opportunities for all members, background to center stage. Vote YES on merger.

I’m going to lunch with Cece on Thursday.  We haven’t had one on one time in ages.

That night I hope to get to the Skirball to see a documentary called To Catch a Dollar, about micro loans to impoverished women.  I’ll also see Women Hold Up the Half the Sky exhibit as the Heifer event that was scheduled a few weeks ago was canceled.  I need to see that exhibit!

In 2010 I voiced the character of Maureen in an episode of BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN.  It airs this Saturday 9 AM, EST.  The episode is called “Catch a Falling Star.”

Our TiVo will catch the cartoon as I will join the Ladies for a day of discount shopping and lunch at a local winery.

They did this last month but I was in Santa Barbara that weekend.  Well worth the trade but now I want to see those  mega discounts myself.  The Girls just raved about this monthly, super discount, warehouse event.  We’ll see.

Happy Birthday to my college pal, Charlie Bappert.  Hope it is a great one.

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Week of February 12, 2012

Ok, let’s recap. CLYBOURNE PARK is a must see play.  Brilliant. Besides winning the Pulitzer last year it is moving to Broadway.  Get to the Taper and see if for $20.  Hurry as it closes soon.

It was wonderful to see my old Michigan friends, Corinne & Mike Belanger.  Turns out it’s been about 25 years but no time at all as we picked up where we left off.  They got to meet Tom and see the house, although I have been writing about both for years.

Our weekend in Santa Barbara was perfection.  A gloriously relaxing time, sleeping a lot, touring their marvelous Botanical Gardens, dining out at wonderful new restaurants and ing Main Street.  We’ve been many times over the years so we no longer feel the need to see everything.  I even managed to view two more Oscar screeners, EXTREMELY LOUD and INCREDIBLY CLOSE and W.E. The first I enjoyed immensely and the second, not so much. 

Went to a beautiful church for Mass, Our Lady of Sorrows, just a four block walk from our home. Then Sunday brunch at a local eatery and on the road south by 2 PM.

Tom first  hit the bed while I prepared a Chinese Chicken Salad dinner for Winnie and us.  Then Tom was back to bed after dinner and Win and I headed out to the fabulous Surrealist Women Painters of North American and Mexico at LACMA.  This exhibit was far more interesting than I anticipated as it really explained how the surrealism movement by female artists was the forerunner of the Women’s Movement.  Who knew?

I did a Career Day at Christ the King grade school as part of Catholic Schools Week.  They had a terrific slate of speakers: lawyer, pediatrician, police officer, Fed Bank officer, priest and me. The kids asked wonderful questions both at the general assembly as well as my close up Q & A with the 6th and 8th grades.

The producers of the pilot presentation I did called FOREVER YOUNG AT HEART held a screening and party for an invited audience that included Tom and me.  It was wonderful seeing the cast and crew again but better than that, the pilot is terrific.  Now begins the hard work of finding backers to move this thing into full production.

After much thought we decided against a quickie trip to Phoenix to see my sister Jeanne and niece Allie.  Too big a push for too little time to visit.  With the trip cancelled it opened up a weekend that otherwise was booked.  We took advantage of it and saw the Oscar nominated animated shorts which were fantastic.  I wish the general public had a chance to see them.

After Mass we headed down to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see the Chinese Terracotta Soldiers.  Gorgeous presentation.  Turns out we arrived too late to get in as the days allotment was sold-out.  But, if we became members we could go right in.  So now we are members of a museum that is 45 minutes from our house.  Guess we’ll get down there at least a few times in the coming year just to get the value out of the membership.  To be honest, it was worth it for that one exhibit.

I’ve had a few auditions and but nothing has paid dividends.  Ever the optimist I am certain a job is just around the corner.

I did get a new headshot done.  Now it’s up on various websites dedicated to actors, such as www.imdb.com and Actors Access.  Having a bit of a problem getting it on the opening page of my website.  My web guy has to get in there and make the change. 

Also got my teeth cleaned, always a great feeling and good to go for another six months.

I’m lectoring at the 10:30 this week. Intend to get over to see my friend Martha who lives in a nursing home.  Mary Pat is coming after 4 and bringing dinner!  Nice to be taken to dinner in your own home.  Afterwards we’ll settle in to viewing the last 2 Oscar nommed animation flicks. Try to catch some of the Grammy’s in between.

Monday I’m doing another SurveyLA presentation, in Koreatown this time.  I did two last week and have only two more after this week.

So Tuesday is Valentine’s Day and Tom and I have agreed not to give each other chocolate.  Of course we both want it but don’t need it.  Finally got my weight stabilized from Christmas and am pressing on to lowering it.  We do think we’ll go out to dinner but haven’t picked a place.

Thursday it’s lunch with Cece at Pete’s Café in downtown LA.  A good catch-up is long overdue.  That evening I’ll be attending a Heifer Leadership Council dinner/meeting in Manhattan Beach. We’re developing strategies on how to grow major donors as well as plan the next several months of fund raisers.

I mail my Oscar ballot in this week so it meets the February 20 deadline.

We loved the CTG production of A RAISIN IN THE SUN at the Kirk Douglas Theater.    Directed by Phylicia Rashad and written by Lorraine Hansberry in 1950, it is loosely based on events in her life when her Black family moved into an all White neighborhood.  It is as relevant today as it was then.

Incidently, CLYBOURNE PARK, the play now at the Taper, takes place in the same house at the RAISIN play ends in.  The author was inspired by that story. “Clybourne Park --Two different generations of characters tip-toe the delicate dance of social politics and two seminal events—50 years apart—in the same Chicago neighborhood. The 1959 landmark drama A Raisin in the Sun provides a contextual center for this rich and darkly satirical Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy. Jokes fly and hidden agendas unfold as two vastly different generations of characters tip-toe the delicate dance of social politics, pitting race against real estate at the crux of two seminal events—50 years apart—in the same North Chicago habitat.”

Happy Birthday wishes to pals Eva Bailer and Ramola Naidoo, great nephew John Michael Bertrand and big brother Jack. Rock on!

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