Week of March 28, 2010

I had a perfectly lovely week.  Nothing unusual or spectacular happened.  Tom made it safely to Houston where he is nursing his very ill cousin Charles Billy.  We miss each other and the house is very big without him, especially since Mocha is no longer with us.

I’ll be doing the Narrator part in the Gospel reading of the Passion this Palm Sunday.  I’m sorry Tom won’t be here to share the day with me.  But it’s my sister Cecilia’s birthday so  I intend to call her to sing my best rendition of Happy Birthday. Later I’ll also call my other two sisters who are visiting each other in St. Louis.

Nine A.M. comes pretty early on Monday but that’s the time I have to be at a hotel near LAX.  I’m a guest speaker for the American Red Cross’s annual Sponsor Recognition Breakfast.  As a long time blood donor they’ve asked me to talk about why I give and what got me started. 

I’m meeting Cece and Dale on Tuesday.  We’re going to see if I can pull together an outfit from their closets.  I have in mind the way I want to look for the Memorial in April to honor my mentor, Charles Nolte.  The girls thought I should check out Cece’s before hitting Saks. After the dress-up session we’re having lunch, my treat.

Wednesday won’t come soon enough for me.  I pick up Tom in the evening.  Gosh it will be good to have him back where he belongs.  The only thing we are doing the next day is going to Confession, making our Easter Duty as it is known in Catholic circles. 

Our faith urges every member to go to Confession at least once a year, especially during Holy Week right before Easter.

Saturday I’m taking a neighborhood girl to see the screening of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. She’s one of those lovely kids that flies under the radar, keeping to herself and basically lonely in school.  I love our times together because she becomes very vivacious.  I think she’s a kid who just doesn’t fit in because people don’t “get” her.  I predict big things are going to happen to this very bright and artistic kid.  Watch out world.

It’s going to be a three movie day as I am also planning to see Tyler Perry’s WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? in the afternoon and  THE GHOST WRITER with Tom in the evening.  Trying to get back in the movie groove now that the screenings have started again.

I’m almost afraid to say it but I am hoping this is the last blog entry you will read on this site.  I have been working for months to get up a new site and I feel like it is imminent.  I’ve added a new feature to the blog section where you can leave comments right after you’ve read it.  I’m looking forward to your impressions of the new site.

I want to take this time to publicly thank my webmistress, Rosemarie Greening, for her unending help, advice, patience and good cheer over these last nine years. R, you have been utterly amazing.  Thank you.

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Meme Wolff on April 1, 2010
As a late bloomer on the blood donation circuit I admire your dedication. Just gave my 30th pint today!
Joanne on March 31, 2010
Marianne, I've been checking out the new website and have been having such a good time! I love the photos in all the categories and got such a kick out of the demos. The music video was very funny and you my dear are one fabulous talented, gifted actor. I enjoyed watching you so very much...even on the toilet. I confess to having seen a scene or two like that in real life. congratulations. You are terrific. Joanne
Sharon Essner on March 31, 2010
Marianne, I LOVE the new site! The colors are gorgeous. The links are very easy to navigate. And as always, the best part is your personal note. Have a very Blessed Triduum and Easter! Love, Sharon
Rosemarie on March 29, 2010
It's always been a pleasure.
Week of March 14, 2010

Last Sunday when I was up in the wee hours balancing my checkbook I discovered what I thought was a simple bank error.  Well, nothing simple about it.  Some crook stole my check that was sent to Mutual of Omaha, took my bank name, check number, routing number and bank account number, and transferred it to his own check.  Then he made an electronic withdrawal from my account to pay off his Capitol One (collections) account.

To say that this has been an enormous drag is to put it much too mildly.  I spent 1 ½ hours in the bank with a very pleasant woman who managed to assuage my feelings with the offer to pay for replacement checks, replacement endorsement stamp and replacement deposit slips, because after all, I did have to close out that account, transfer all my preauthorized debits, shred all the old docs, notify those holding outstanding checks, start a new register, use temp checks, notify the credit ratings folks and the real kicker, file an identity theft report with the LAPD.  That item took me 2 hours.

It’s not over.  I expect to get a follow-up with the LAPD within a month or I am to call the Officer who took the report.  Lucky for me we knew each other as she used to be our Senior Lead when I was still pres of the block club.

I think what burns me the most, besides the jerk stealing my money, is that the bank doesn’t do it’s own investigation.  Apparently the amount isn’t worth their effort!  That is wrong on so many levels.

Last Monday, my car battery went dead for the third time in 4 days.  Another pain.  This time I was able to convince the AAA guy that the battery was lousy and it was under a 6 year warranty from them.  So he did a diagnostic and sure enough, one of the cells was bad.  So now I have another one of their batteries but the warranty only goes for another 3 years.  That sorta feels like a rip off but what can I do? I actually love AAA so I’ll roll with it.

Last week Tom decided  we would evaluate our earthquake preparedness.  So we dragged everything out, checked the “expired dates” and made a list.  We’re actually in very good shape IF we are in our house during a severe quake.  Of course there is no way to prepare for every eventuality but since you spend the majority of your time in your home (just sleeping there qualifies you for that) it does make sense to do all you can to survive the Big One.

I think my sister Jeanne, who runs a camp for the mentally and physically challenged, would get a huge kick out of home much camping stuff we now own...sleeping bags, two tents, thermal blankets, purification tables, Sterno and stove, camping utensils, compass, first aid, utility equipment, flood lights, and so, SO much more.

We still have a few more items to round up but it shouldn’t take too long to do it.  Then we can forget about it for awhile.

Thank you for your patience.  I know I promised  I’d get my new website up by the end of February but the truth is, I just haven’t had the time to load it up.  So I’ve set a new goal, the end of March.  Say a prayer.

We had the absolute best time at the LADIES OF MOTOWN concert. It was at the fabulous arena in Long Beach where they have picnic tables for you to enjoy.  Tom and I picked up delicious rib dinners from a local eatery and settled into a rockin good time.

Monday morning we’re off to the cardiologist.  Nothing serious, just a check-up.

Season two of my show, the skateboarding comedy Zeke and Luther kicks off Monday, March 15 at 7:30p on Disney XD and DisneyXD.com. The series will also be showcased via Disney XD on Demand, DisneyXD.com, Disney XD Mobile, Xbox Live and iTunes on Tuesday, March 16. Beginning March 1, the first season (21 episodes) of Zeke and Luther will be available on DisneyXD.com.

Tuesday evening we go see THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES at the Taper.  It’s gotten good reviews although some have said it’s no longer relevant.  I think I’ll be the judge of that.

Our nephews will be here this weekend.  I’ve invited Mary Pat to join us for Nick’s birthday dinner.  He’s asked for a red velvet cake and cream cheese icing.  MP gave up sugar years ago and Tom and I are off it for Lent so the boys will have free range. I’ve decided to serve shrimp kabobs, tomato/basil/brie pasta, grilled asparagus unless I can find a great recipe for swisschard and the cake. The adults will be enjoying cheese and fruit after the singing.

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Ceil on March 16, 2010
Wow what a huge pain. Hope it doesn't drag on.