Weeks of March 27 and April 3, 2011

I was down to an 1/8 of a tank of gas so I pulled in to a “cheap” station.  Minutes later I pulled out $74.10 poorer.  What the heck is happening?

Got a call for military families, retired or active, who are members of USAA.  Well, that’s us, so Tom joined me in his first commercial audition. Didn’t get it but we had a blast doing it.

Had a couple of other calls and some vo auditions but no deal.  Was relieved to get the shoot dates for my next  ZEKE & LUTHER script. Speaking of which set your TiVo for Monday night when my episode airs called “Hyp-bro-tized.”

Was able to sneak in an ALYX donation at the Red Cross facility in Pasadena. Won’t go again until after July 16.  Love that.

OF GODS AND MEN is a terrific flick especially meaningful in our narcissistic, self-absorbed society.

Mary Pat and I had a great time doing the readings of TRIFLES at the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. They have a terrific facility with an appreciative and loyal audience.

I’ve spent many, many, many hours this past week getting ready for my trip to Minnesota this Wednesday.

I’m going because I am being recognized as a “U of MN Notable Alumni.”As such, I will attend a dinner and program Thursday evening.  During the day I have agreed to give a Q & A to their BFA students and lunch with the Chair of the Department of Theater and Dance.

Friday I am driving to the Mankato area to go over all the venues for the June family reunion.  I actually have ten appointments  from visiting with my point person at the Mankato Tourism Center, to walking the town cemetery, to visiting an elderly cousin recuperating from leg amputation.  Everything is on hold as I wait to hear from Minnesota University, Mankato as to whether they want me to do a Q & A for them, as payment for having their BFA students read the cemetery monologues for our Reunion Living History Tour.  I have a Plan B if that does not materialize.

In the evening I am meeting with many of the Reunion Chairs to go over details, get input, suggestions, etc.  We have the budget to discuss, what goes in the Welcome Packet, how many volunteers we need, and what is the per person cost to attend. 

I’ve mapped it all out.  Now I need their feedback.

Back to Minneapolis Friday night after what will be a long and fruitful day.

Saturday I am spending it with my friend and host, Terry Kilburn.  You may remember he was just out here with us and now he is returning the favor.

Childhood best bud Mary will be with us too so I know she will join me for a visit with friend Edie, who is a jewelry designer, among other talents.  I hope to pick up a few of her gorgeous creations.  Other than that we have nothing planned for Saturday and that’s just how I want it.  I already feel tired from my Thursday and Friday plans.

Sunday Mary and I are going to Mass at a church in the suburbs where our old friend Fr Kaley is now pastor.  We knew Richard back when he was “Butch” and going to undergraduate school with me in St. Louis.  He was in the seminary at the time and indeed became a Franciscan monk.  I don’t think I’ve seen him in 25 years although Mary has more recently.  Still it’s been at least 10 years for her.

Then we are off to a birthday party for a 1 year old niece of Mary’s.  Now Mary is from a family of 13 so there is always someone celebrating something on any given day.

I’ll be on a 5:30 flight back to LA before I know it.

That Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to implementing all the ideas into the reunion materials.  My goal is to get them sent to Christoph in Germany (for hi, translate) by the evening of April 5 as I am on set with ZEKE & LUTHER Wednesday and Thursday.

We are hosting the nephew of a high classmate on Friday.  Jon is a recent theater graduate who wants to come and get a lay of the land.  He’ll be with us a week.

Want to wish my sister Cecilia a Happy Birthday on the 28th, and another one to her daughter Celia on the 31st.  A big birthday shout out to Kate on April 6.

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