Week of April 11, 2010

Besides the absolutely beautiful Easter service, Tom and I had a blast having Easter dinner with good friends and great fish at a Chinese restaurant in San Gabriel..  We also experience the 7.2 earthquake although we were over 200 miles north of the epicenter.  Best of all was the foot massage we all got.  I mean $15 for one hour massage!  Come on. Almost too good to be true.  We each LOVED it.  Tom has decided to do it regularly which is wonderful.  Anything to relieve his pain, even if only momentarily.

My agent called to say the producers of HUGE want to put a “pin” in me for a guest starring part on their pilot.  That basically means they like me for the part but can’t offer it to me yet so please hold the day open and if I get another offer, let them know before I accept. Well, it’s been 5 days since they said that and not a peep.  I’m not holding my breath.

Tom and I took a play day and went to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND in 3D.  Loved it! We got to the theater just a few minutes before the screening only to find out it wasn’t in a 3D theater.  So Tom took off in the mall to find a newspaper and locate another screening with 3D.  Turns out there was one in another mall about 20 minutes away.  Off we go, getting there in plenty of time, since it turned out we had to kill 2 hours before it began.  Frankly, I can not remember when I had such a relaxing day where I had nothing I HAD to do.  Any of you type A folks out there will understand that.  I usually schedule each day fully.  I thrive on getting stuff done.  I usually go on vacation and do the same thing.  I want to see it ALL.  So my play date with Tom was heavenly.  We’ve decided to try to do it more often.

Besides seeing our own pastor’s photo in this weeks LA Catholic newspaper, our friend, Sal Pilato, also became a Monsignor. It’s wonderful seeing them receive such a distinction.

Tom got a clean bill of health after they evaluated his nuclear test.  In fact, they were absolutely amazed that his heart rate stayed so low.  That translated into taking him off one of his meds.  Yay!

My friend Tom Rice produced THE PRESENCE which screened last week at the Directors Guild as part of their effort to present independent films in a professional settings to attract buzz and distribution interest. I absolutely loved this movie...suspense, mystery, good, evil, love, pain, it has it all.  It is magnificently shot, beautifully acted, marvelous story.  I so hope it gets a distribution deal soon.

I had a great time at the Abilities Expo working the FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION booth.  Tom had planned on looking at all the newest products to help the physically challenged.  His main interest was to investigate what is out there in the way of customized vans.  Turns out his nuclear test the day before wiped him out.. He dropped me off, returned home and went to bed.  Four hours later he picked me up and felt well enough to go to the screening of CLASH OF THE TITANS.  Now it was my turn to zonk out. We got there, settled into what looked like a great story of mythology, Tom became engrossed and I promptly fell asleep.

He said it was a good movie which he enjoyed and I ended up quite refreshed and ready for the evening. Was a good day all round.

I’m going to drag my body up early on Sunday to make an 8:30 Mass as I am volunteering for SurveyLA at the Los Angeles Heritage Day at 10 AM.  If you are into old homes and live locally you have to make this.  Of course that means you have to be reading this on Sunday. It’s from 11 to 4 PM at Heritage Square Museum, 3800 Homer Street, LA 90031.

Winnie is joining me at a screening of GREENBERG in the evening.

I’m meeting Sheri for lunch on Monday.  She is in charge of the EMMYS and is about to begin the big push to the event.  Happy to catch a care free hour with her when I can.

Wednesday evening I am joining another speaker for SurveyLA at the West Adams Avenues Association.  We will co present on the SurveyLA program, with me covering how they can get involved and Les covering what it actually is.

Friday our great nephews Nick and Matt come. Right now I don’t have anything planned but we’ll come up with something.

Truth is I’m going to be cleaning and polishing the house as I am having a fundraiser on Sunday to benefit Heifer International.  More on that next week.

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Linette on April 12, 2010
Marianne, It was great seeing you today at the Heritage Square Event! I can not wait to write my historic LA story! It really was a thrill for me, and like I said, you've been my friend in my head for years and am glad to have had the opportunity to meet you. Please take me up on my invitation @ the Historic Adamson House, it's a piece of California history I know you will appreciate! xo
Bernie on April 11, 2010
Love the new website. So classy and easy to navigate.