Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi Folks,

I’ve decided to change the frequency and format of my blog.

After 11 ½ years of writing weekly I’m now going to write whenever I feel like it.

I believe most of you hear from me most days, on my Facebook Fan Page.  I do my best to keep you updated on my career.

If you are not hooked up on Facebook yet, you can go to the opening page of this website and click directly on my Facebook link.

My time in St. Louis and Branson was fabulous.  We saw fun shows and was utterly blown away by a show called SIX.  They are a group of brothers who do fabulous harmony AND play all the instruments...vocally.  No actual instruments on stage just their vocal mastery.  It was amazing.

Tom and loved the Edwin Forrest Day: It was a fantastic event.  Charlotte Rae gave a brief speech about her personal donation and why she gave it.  I learned later from a friend that she gave $100,000!  Thank you Charlotte. The centerpiece of the event was Michael York talking about Shakespeare and doing several monologues.  I can not tell you how inspiring and thought provoking he was.  I honestly got tears in my eyes when he spoke with such love, passion and understanding of The Bard.

We’ve had a young man from Warsaw, Poland staying with for the past week. He’s been so much fun we hate to see him leave. 

We’re going to the CIMA (Catholics in Media Associates) Mass and Awards brunch on Sunday. In addition to doing two Prayers of the Faithful during Mass, I’ve been asked to present the Television Award to MODERN FAMILY, a show I absolutely adore.  So thrilled.

Pal Mary Pat is doing a rehearsal for her friends of her one woman show STOPPING TRAFFIC. She’s presenting it at the Guthrie Theater for the folks at the Mayo Clinic who are putting on a three day conference for mental health professionals.  Mary Pat’s show is sort of the centerpiece.

Boy are they in for a treat.  I’ve seen it here in LA on her first outing, then in NY when she had a healthy run at a theater near Union Station.

Since most of us can’t get to the Guthrie’s performance she’s decided to do a rehearsal for her friends.  Just love that!

The great actor Ian Abercrombie died recently and his memorial is being held this Friday.  What a delicious creature he was.  I welcome the chance to see his work one more time as there will certainly be a clip video that honors he vast talent.

Tom has lined up seeing a bunch of his favorite type movies: MARVEL’S AVENGERS, DARK SHADOWS, BATTLESHIP.  I intend to squeeze in a few others, more to my liking.

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ruth kramer ziony on May 3, 2012
I really like this-and am sorry it's not going to be 'regular' but I totally understand. YOu have a great style-it's not 'and then I/we did.' Though the number of activities are amazing the thou cram into a day, week, etc. When you wrote that marypat was coming to church when you were 'lecturing' I first read that as the Yiddish "Hectoring.' YOu can look it up. And as for new hats: the more the merrier. I'd like photo on your next posting
April 26, 2012

We Did it!~

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all my generous donors who responded to my JUST STAY HOME fundraiser to benefit Heifer International’s WiLD projects (Women in Livestock Development specifically targets the issue of gender inequity)


We surpassed our goal by raising $10,956 (including a $5000 match)



Brady, Brannon & Rich, LLC, Brandi Nelson Levy,  Brandon Gibson, C A Belanger, Cecilia A. Castellano, Cecilia M. Castellano, 8th grade class at St. Christopher School, Dayton, OH,  Elaine Muellerleile, Frank Castellano, Gayle Keaney, Ian Humphreys, James Jansen, James E. O’Heir, Janice C Seipp,  Jeanne Muellerleile, Jon Ebeling, Judy A. Grancich, Karen, Mann, Karen Raoul, Karla Ahmanson, Kathie Adams, Lawrence Brown, Lindsay Tellefson, Lisa Cypher-Muellerleile, Marianne Muellerleile & Tom Norris, Mary White,  Mary G Benson, Mary Pat Gleason, Max Mason with a Chevron match, Milton M. Howard, P. A. Darbo, Patricia A. Kremer, C.PP.S., Patricia M. Molloy, Patricia M. Russo, Steven W Ferrarese,, Raymond Pettitt, Robert Krebs, Ruth Ziony, Susan & Larry Berberich, Terence K Kilburn, Teri Allen, Theresa M Russo Peck, Virginia Drone, Winifred Freedman, Anonymous, Anonymous,

Love you all,




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Weeks of April 5, 15 & 22, 2012

You and a guest are cordially invited to the
2nd annual Just Stay Home Fundraiser

When: Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Where: The Comfort of your Own Home
Why: To benefit Heifer International’s WiLD projects
(Women in Livestock Development specifically targets the issue of gender inequity)

Attire: Optional

Finally a Black Tie Event just the way you want it. No need to put together something to wear, listen to boring speeches, or eat another overcooked chicken breast with haricots verts and lousy wine.

Please send your tax deductible contribution to Heifer International, c/o Marianne Muellerleile, PO Box 151551, Los Angeles, CA 90015 or go to Click GET INVOLVED, click TEAM HEIFER, click GIVE to a TEAM, enter Muellerleile in Last Name box, then click SEARCH.  When my name comes up, click VIEW and you are on my page.  Then click GIVE TODAY!!  (An anonymous Donor will match up to $5000)

Last years effort helped meet the $ 1.5 million  matching grant to fund Heifer's next three years in Honduras.

This year I am targeting our donations to Heifer's WiLD projects, Women in Livestock Development, which addresses gender inequality.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Thank you for your donation.

On April 25 I will list the name of all donors on this website.

Weeks of April 8, 15 & 22, 2012

Happy Easter.  Mary Pat is joining us at the 10:30 Mass where I will be lectoring.  I’ll also be wearing a new, gorgeous black and white hat!

More than any other day, Easter means a hat to me as I grew up buying a new hat for every Easter Sunday. Oh how I wish women and men would go back to wearing hats.  I really think it finishes your look.

Monday I am off to St. Louis, my hometown, to meet my sisters.  They come in Tuesday evening while I use the day to give two master classes, one at Florissant Valley Community College and the other at my alma mater, St. Louis University (SLU).

I’m having lunch in between with the head of the program at SLU. Then I’ll hit their gym after the class before going over to their new stadium to see my Dad’s memorial brick!

Once the four sisters arrive we are heading out to dinner in our old family neighborhood.  Niece Allie will join us.

Next morning we kick off our much anticipated road trip to Branson, MO!  Can’t wait to sing too loudly, share family memories, eat trucker food and generally hang with my favorite sisters.  We’ve been planning this for almost a year.

The night we arrive we’re scheduled to see some Rock n Roll 50s Retro show my sister Cecilia booked.  This suits us perfectly.  Then we’re going to wing it the next two days, just go with the flow.

Branson got hit with a tornado a few weeks ago so we’re going to check out what’s still playing or perhaps take the river cruise or check out a few museums.  We really don’t care what we do so long as we’re doing it together.

We return by Friday evening where we are going to dinner with extended family and friends.

My sister Cecilia heads East for Ohio on Saturday, while Jeanne and I are meeting girlfriends at the zoo.  We’ll probably catch Mass that late afternoon before taking Elaine & Allie out to Jeanne’s best friends home, J for one of her completely fabulous meals.  The Girl can cook!!

Sunday, Jeanne heads North to Iowa and I head out to visit my friend Mary.  Later Elaine and I will visit our 93 y/o uncle Bob.  That evening we’ll just hang out at home, have dinner and watch a movie, Elaine’s favorite past time.

I’ll be back in LA before Noon on Monday.  Perhaps I’ll have an audition welcoming me home.

Mary Pat has invited me to attend a Hallmark movie screening on Tuesday evening.  She’s on the Twentieth Century Fox invitee list, the walk-the-carpet and come-to-dinner list.  Should be fun.

Thursday night Tom and I are attending the Actors Fund Edwin Forest Day celebration.  It’s being held at one of the best venue’s ever. John Bohab a fabulous director and  fabulous person, is throwing open the doors to his magnificent condo in the Hollywood Hills.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending a party there a few years ago and am delighted to show Tom this gorgeous home.  Thanks John!

We’re heading south on Friday for a little get away to Carlsbad. Friends will be staying in our home while we are in theirs.  Works well for all of us.

I hope to visit a friend in La Jolla who been having health issues for a couple of years. 

Nothing else planned for the weekend except Mass at a new church before heading back on Sunday in time to welcome a friend from Poland, Michal who will be rolling in around 6 pm to grab a bite and head out with me to see a screening of THE LUCKY ONE.

My non fund raiser “happens” April 24.  So I’ll be tallying the donations, posting the names on this site and my two Facebook pages.  I’m praying that enough donations come in to meet the $5000 matching grant I have secured.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to raise $10,000!!

My friend Leo Geter has written and directed the play NAKED BEFORE GOD and MP and I will see one of the final performances on Friday.  It has received rave reviews.

Then it’s off to the Anaheim Hilton on Saturday evening to celebrate our friends Dale & Ray receiving Distinguished Alumni Awards from Cal State Fullerton. The whole group will be there to say Hoo Haa, you are great!

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Week of April 1, 2012

A week fraught with incident.

Hands down the biggest news of the week is that actor unions, SAG and AFTRA, voted to merge henceforth to be known as SAG-AFTRA. I am positively over the moon about it.  As a result, I think actors have a real chance of making positive strides in future negotiations.

Other news is that I got a wicked sinus infection last Monday and spent most of my week combating it.  I’m feeling pretty good a week later.

Then on Wednesday I started seeing flashes of light on the periphery of my left eye.  Got to the doctor by Friday morning to learn that it’s a common event as we age.  The doctor ruled out a detached retina and said I should return for a follow-up evaluation in 8 weeks.

On Friday our modem just stopped performing. We’ve had intermittent Internet for two days with the hope that Sunday our problem will be solved.  Time Warner is coming to put in their newest version.

OK, one more biggie from last week...did you buy a lottery ticket?  We bought one for all the reasons you bought yours.  We didn’t think we’d win but buying a ticket gave us the right to daydream and talk about what we would do IF we won.  Now that was worth a buck!~

Before leaving the events of last week I want to recommend two stellar theatrical offerings. The National Theatre Live broadcast of their production of SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER is not to be missed.  Go to and check for a screening in your area.  Do it now as there are only a handful of screenings and it opened March 29.

The other is for LA locals.  The Taper’s production of WAITING FOR GODOT is flawless. I can not imagine a better production of it.  Please do yourself a favor and go.   

OK, this week.  Happy April Fool’s Day! Aren’t you glad we don’t bother with it since reaching maturity?

I’m Lectoring at the 10:30 Mass and it’s Palm Sunday.  That means the reading of the Passion which is extensive and often very sad.  I have on occasion cried during the reading.  Once when I was actually reading for the congregation, as I will this time, I got so choked up I had to pause, really pause and compose myself.  I just got overwhelmed at the cruelty of it.

With any luck the Time Warner modem man will come early in the day and Tom and I will make two screenings: WRATH OF THE TITANS and 21 JUMP STREET.

Tom will take a nap in between and I’ll dash over to a gathering of our historic society.  They are doing a tour of a newly renovated building that will be used as a party space rental.

Block club is Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning Winnie is joining me to finally see the HALF THE SKY exhibit at the Skirball Center.  Yay!

Facial on Thursday and the premiere of season 5, I think of DOC MARTIN in the evening.  Love that show.

Friday is of course Good Friday.  Tom and I have decided to attend our church’s production of the Passion Play put on by the Corinthian Prayer Group, an entirely Hispanic ministry.  The play is in Spanish which of course will be no problem.  We all know the story.

Tom and I will be going to a members only event at the Natural History Museum on Saturday.  It’s a member preview day for the Butterfly Pavilion.  This is an annual exhibit and a “must see” for children.  It’s absolutely magical to walk into an outdoor caged forest filled with plants, flowers and butterflies.  They lite right on you.

I’ll see a screening of THE DEEP BLUE SEE and later that evening Tom will join me to see THE CABIN IN THE WOODS.

Happy Birthday, Kate.

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