Weeks of August 21 & 28, 2011

An uneventful week.  Did get through class 2 of pilates.  I think I’m the oldest person to ever cross their threshold. I will say the 2nd outing was not as brutal as the first.  My Living Social voucher gives me one more class on the Reformer (I think that is the name) and two at the barre.  I’m assuming that is approximately the same pilates movements but standing up.  Time will tell.

Finally my hair is cut and dyed, my tooth  filling is properly planed, and I’ve seen the Girls.  All is in order.

I dis do one exciting thing last week.  I bought an iPad 2.  I should be applauded for this.  I’m not the most tech savvy but I do keep at it, eventually getting there.  Perhaps I am the only person in LA who still uses a flip phone.  I know I was the last person alive to give up my beeper.

I’ve invited friends Winnie, Frank and Mark to join me for a screening of ONE DAY on Sunday evening.  Haven’t decided if I’ll see the earlier one, CIRCUMSTANCE. Am rather enjoying the slower pace of this past week.
Annual GYN visit on Monday. I love my doctor so it’s as much of a social visit as a medical check-up. That evening is the airing of my final ZEKE & LUTHER episode called
“Lie Hard.” Check local listings for time. Airs on Disney XD network, among others.  Although it is not official, I do not expect them to renew the show as the leads have moved on to other Disney projects.

Getting a facial on Tuesday as prep for the weekend away.  Tom and I are off to a family wedding on Thursday.  We’ll be in Santa Fe for two days and Albuquerque for two days.  My cousin Michael is tying the knot with the lovely Cindy.

My annual physical is Tuesday so I’ll be fasting the evening before.  I’m going to need a nice fast after the weekend.

I’m volunteering for the AARP 50+ Convention in September so I have a two hour training session Tuesday evening. I can’t imagine what they could teach me in the area of volunteering. I guess the layout of the convention halls and the chain of command. What will we do for the other hour and 45 minutes?

I’ll spend the rest of the week getting the house in party shape as Tom and I are hosting a Bon Voyage get together for our goddaughter, Mia. She’s finished college and is off to make her way in the Big Apple.

Cleaning, shopping, make the deck look pretty, flower arranging (Tom) baking (Me) and Mia and her Mom here on Saturday to make the entre...four varieties of quiche.

All will be in place by the time Tom and I head out for 5:30 Mass on Saturday evening.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is relaxing and safe.

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