Week of September 12, 2010

Last week was at a standstill, audition wise.  But that was a very good thing.

Last week was ALL about the charity gift baskets.  A big THANK YOU to Mary Pat and Cece who gave me a combined 15 hours over several days to put together 25 gift baskets to go to 5 charity auctions.

We also put together three donations for Dress for Success, Out of the Closet & the Good Shepherd Shelter.  The folks that got the gift baskets were: Virginia Avenue Project, St. Francis Center, Christ the King Church & School, Circle of Hope & Good Shepherd Shelter.

I’ve volunteer at two of these wonderful non profits but the other three are the favorite charities of three of my friends.

I can not tell you how many hours it took to get the baskets donated (THANKS to BBR Talent Agency, Barbara, Corinne & Suzie), haul the donations in and out of venues (many helpers on that), get everything organized into product lines, then itemized in the computer, physically get the items pulled and beautifully packaged, then get them all delivered (I still have three more to deliver.)  Truly a big undertaking but sooooo worth it.

Everyone was so appreciative of the donation.  We have the satisfaction of knowing we helped raise much needed funds for worthy causes, the vendors got tax write offs and the environment was saved from another needless land fill dumping.  It really is a Win Win all the way around.

I stopped to do my MD appointments and go to the gym. Naturally I didn’t give up eating or spending time with Tom, but otherwise it was the baskets.  I was determined to get everything done by Thursday night so the house could be returned to normal by Friday.  Stayed up most nights til 2:30 AM, but got it done.

My pals passed on the Greek Festival which was fine by me.  I had a slow Friday night which was very much welcomed. But in the early evening I got a call from my agent about a hush-hush audition to be done Saturday, late afternoon. 

Saturday turned out lovely.  Had to get up early to deliver about $8000 of product to the Dress for Success people.  Off to the gym for a killer 2 hr workout, home by 1:30, lunch, made dinner for that night, read the paper, and did my audition. 

On the way home I stopped off at Pavilions to pick up some fruits & veggies and ran into Jim Geoghan, creator & writer for THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK & CODY.  What a great guy.  Loved him while doing that show, love him today. He caught me up on everything.  Apparently next season it will just be a show about the boys, no others from the series, including the above liners.   Details are not known.  Even the boys don’t know as Dylan told me on Facebook some weeks back. 

Then home to do email where I had a Facebook message from a cousin, Brock Joseph Muellerleile, currently serving in Afghanistan. He wrote to say he hoped to get to the reunion but it didn’t look like he’d be there as he finishes his tour in July.  I responded, he responded and so it went.  It was September 11, nine years after that hideous terrorist attack and I was talking to a relative fighting in Afghanistan.  It was surreal.

A quiet dinner with Tom after which we saw THE AMERICAN.  A really nice day.

Sunday kicks off with me Lectoring at the 10:30.  Then it’s two screenings; A WOMAN, A GUN & A NOODLE SHOP and IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY.  I have to read up on them as I know nothing.  Going alone too.  Just didn’t get around to asking anyone.

Although the tile guy came back to work on routing the sink basin, I decided to go ahead and start the plastering and painting in the guest room before actually finishing the bathroom plumbing in that room.  When the contractor workers are available, you grab them.

So Monday morning they’ll be here at 8 AM. And it’ll probably be that way every morning this week.  Killer for me as I go to bed so late, but there is no option.  The world starts spinning earlier than I do.

Monday evening after Tom’s piano lesson we’re grabbing lunch in Santa Monica and then seeing HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.

Tuesday my friend from City of Hope is coming to pick up her auction baskets.  Yay!  I’ll probably get my donations of loose beauty products to Good Shepherd Shelter that day as well.

The only thing slated on Wednesday is the girls getting together for dinner at a new downtown LA eatery, Mac & Cheeza.  Get this, the entire menu is devoted to mac & cheese.  They have soft drinks and a few desserts but otherwise, it’s mac & cheese.  Apparently it is a very tiny space, can not accommodate groups larger than 5, so the spouses are left at home to receive carry-out once we return.

I see my cardiologist for the biannual check-up on Thursday and then I’m finished with all the MDs for the year.   We hope.  That night Tom and I are going to the Getty Villa to see their outdoor production of ELECTRA.  We hope to go early to check out their exhibit on The Art of Ancient Greek Theater.

Saturday I have three screenings but only one booked with a friend.  Lorilynn joins me for THE TOWN.

I’m expecting to get a monologue sometime this week as I’ve agreed to appear in a Living History tour of a cemetery, playing the long deceased Caroline Severence, a very popular suffragette for Women’s Right to Vote.

Although I rarely talk politics in my blog, I must say I will not be voting for Meg Whitman, a candidate for CA Governor.  Why you might ask?  I will not vote for her based solely on the fact that she has not voted in any government election in the past 28 years. To me that says volumes, none of which I want in my governor.

Your name:
Marianne Muellerleile on September 19, 2010
Thx, John, I looked and I'm still unimpressed with her explanation.
John on September 12, 2010
Google "Meg Whitman voting record" for the real truth of her voting record.