Heifer Update & artcile on me


Hello Friends, Family & Fans,
My volunteer efforts for Heifer expanded this year when I was chosen to sit on their Golden Talent Award Selection Committee.
The five member committee read about 30 entries from around the world, and then nominated those we felt deserved special recognition for having worked with Heifer to bring their family out of poverty & for their continued dedication to the Heifer mission in their community. 

A cash award of $1,000 is provided by Heifer International Foundation. $800 is for the winner's project group or community and $200 is designated as a cash gift or in-kind gift to the family or individual who earned the award.

I loved being a part of this Award and found the nominees stories one of inspiration and strength.

I also worked on a number of other Heifer efforts, including staffing information booths at various community fairs, chairing an auction component of their Los Angeles 70th anniversary party, working their annual Beyond Hunger Event and participating in their Los Angeles Volunteers Group.

This year I expanded my personal fundraising efforts from April, May & June to January through December.

My goal was to raise $25,000 for our Armenian Women's Project.  Today we are at $30,426! Thank you dear people!

I am currently being featured on the Heifer website. To read the story click the link below.


I am in the process of making a deeper commitment to the Heifer mission by joining the newly formed SoCal Heifer Core Group dedicated to establishing and funding a Heifer project for the next 5 years.

Our second meeting is in January where we will look at Heifer's work and needs in Vietnam having done the same study of Uruguay last month.

I will write you again in the New Year to tell you about my/our next phase of spreading the Heifer mission to end hunger and poverty while protection the earth.

My thanks and gratitude to each of you for your continued dedication and support of me and Heifer International. 

Happy Thanksgiving,



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Prize Winners for the 2014 Just Stay Home Fundraiser

Barbara Linkivitch

Candy Azarra

Cece Hall

Ian Humphries

Jan Muellerleile

Jin O'Heir

John H Moore

Larry Brown

Mary Alice Muellerleile

Louise Owen

Mary Pat Green

Norma Reynolds

Suze Krebs

Teri Allen


Many thanks to all you donated to Heifer International. 

Total as of 5-18-14   $17,090.89.  Goal for 2014 is $25,000.


Please join the effort to end hunger nad poverty by donating to Heifer International.


Make you donation on my Heifer Team link:


With gratitude, 


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Just Stay Home for Heifer International

Every April I raise funds for Heifer International as I am committed to their mission to end hunger and poverty while protecting the earth.

This year I am specifically raising funds for their Armenian Match which means  every $1 raised  will be matched by $6 from the World Bank & the Armenian government.

Will you go to my “Just Stay Home Fundraiser” page and make a donation today? http://teamheifer.heifer.org/teamheifer_mariannemuellerleile

Or, you can mail a check, endorsed to Heifer International, to: Mulberry Productions, Inc., PO Box 151551, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Thank you so much!

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December Christmas Letter 2013

Merry Christmas, Dear Loved Ones,

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, phone calls, IM’s, Facebook messages, letters and notes over the past fantastic year!  It has been great to hear from so many friends! As many of you know, this seems to have been yet another year spent planning and then trying to implement those plans - just like every year, but more intense.

The first 6 months where devoted to planning the final details of the Keaney Clan Global Reunion, which took place in Boston, MA at the end of June.  We had 156 from around the world - and we all were very pleased with the entire shindig!

Of course we got to slowly slide into the reunion by being part of the fabulous four-day wedding celebration of Dan Fehlig & Ian Humphrey, in mid June. Followed by a (MM bucket list) 4 day stay in fabulous Newport, RI.

Another bucket list item was removed when our 6 card playing pals joined us in an overnight in Palm Springs to see the Fabulous Follies.  “Yowsa” -  we had us some fun!

In May I was in St. Louis for my niece Allie’s graduation from a doctorate program in PT. I was back in St. Louis again in Oct for my 50th grade school reunion and again,  2 weeks later, to present my sister Cecilia with the St. Jane de Chantal Award from our high school.

Tom took a month’s solo vacation to Virginia in October, seeing family & friends; I took the opportunity to start decorating for Christmas. I’m so proud of the final effort (guided by friend Tim); I feel like enclosing house photos instead of ours.

All my siblings and niece Celia came for our big Christmas Open House, but mainly to celebrate a milestone birthday for Jeanne.  I spent about 3 months researching, writing and editing a book on our Dad, as her gift from the sibs. Tom saved the day by formatting and printing the 130 page effort - six copies, CDs for each, filmed the opening of the gift, the hours of Dad stories & took 250 stills.  

My turning 65 didn’t just mean Medicare, but suddenly I had a whole lot of pension and health insurance decisions to make.  Some of that is still pending.

Tom has continued his chronic pain support groups.  It is beginning to morph into more one -on-ones, and phone support. He is also back to daily Mass and devoting Wednesday as a volunteer at the Parish Center.  Honestly they couldn’t afford his skill set, so it’s a win-win for all.

Family and friends helped us celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in May as they witnessed the renewing of our vows at a home Mass officiated by the cherished, Michael V. Tueth, S.J.   

We went through 128 days of plumbing hell - too long a story to tell, much less live through - and managed to finally put a fireplace in our master bedroom.  That’s been on the house reno list for more than 20 years!

This is my 40th year in show biz and work continues. Sitcoms: Maron, Mike & Molly, The Millers & Instant Mom. Features: How to Make Love Like an Englishman & Damn Foreigners, Webisode pilot: On the Market, Commercial: Webers BBQ Sauce. Shooting a pilot in  2014 called The Rich & the Ruthless, a send-up of daytime soaps.

The only other major news is that Tom has decided to let his hair grow. My sister commented that he is beginning to look like a Muellerleile.  We don’t know if that is a complement or not.

Many blessings,

Marianne & Tom

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Just Stay Home Fundraiser door prize winners!

Congratualtions to the door prize winners at my JUST STAY HOME FUNDRASIER to benefit Heifer Internatioonal:

Barbara Pettiti

Beth Correll

Fred & Patricia Kuri

Gayle Keaney

Jeanne Muellerleile

Jim O'Heir

Kathie Adams

Mary Pat Gleason

Patrika Darbo

Steve Ferrarese

We raised $13,254.50 plus a $5000 pledge coming in June!

This is our best year ever!!

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