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2018 Just Stay Home prize winners

Extending a boat load of thanks to my 45 donors who raised $20,746 in the month of May by participating in my 8th annual Just Stay Home fundraiser.

This money goes to support Heifer International's Vietnam Dairy Development project.

The ten door prize winners are:  Mary E White, Holly Derheim, Laurie Ritz, Winnie Freedman, Larry Brown, Louise Owen, Renaissance Family Foundatuon, Mary GBenson, Shea Butler & Mary Alice Muellerleile!!

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2017 Christmas Letter

 2017 Christmas Greetings to our Family and Friends,

Well, we’ve had another fine year but a few things shifted and some of it was unexpected.
Tom volunteered, I continued waving the Heifer International flag, we traveled, I had health issues & some great work opportunities.  That’s it in a nutshell.  For those who hate these annual letters, stop here.
Tom now has a new position at the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA), as their West Coast Regional Director.  He is also now part  the ACPA Members Advisory Committee (MAC). All this “promotion” means he is putting in more volunteer hours as he continues to facilitate several chronic pain support groups.
He continues to be an advisor for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (pcori) and works on several chronic pain related projects with Cedars and UCLA.
He is also in his 5th Year facilitating a weekly pain group with housebound or isolated seniors through Senior Center Without Walls.
After 15+ years of volunteering at our church, Tom has stopped.  I call it a retirement as his volunteer hours were never restricted, as originally agreed upon.  His time there just kept increasing and increasing. When he started having chest pain and difficulty sleeping, he realized it was time to step away.
I have continued to mentor 5 young actors. Here in LA are Marquise, Rose & Carisa, all from U of MN.
Had the best 3 weeks ever in NYC shooting a recurring role on ELEMENTARY. Also I got to spend one on one time with my 2 NYC mentees, Gabby from SLU, Carmen from Viz.
Shot another pilot this year that didn’t sell. WHERE I’M FROM was smart, funny and hip. I played a nun/principal of a grade school.  Then I shot a SCHOOL OF ROCK that has yet to air. Ended the year with a gang-buster of a commercial for McDonald’s buttermilk chicken tenders. They made 7 spots out of my 3 day/36 hour shoot.  And they saturated the market with them.
Click here to see:
In March I had an unexpected nosebleed that lasted 10 hours and 23 minutes. Yikes! I’ve had them throughout my life, periodically, but nothing like this one.  MD said it was an artery.  Big drag.
In June I joined my girlfriends for a glorious trip to Missoula, MT. Our hostess/girlfriend entertained us in high style from trips to a buffalo reserve, to fab eats to a party/recital in our honor.
Later that month I joined my sisters in Perrysberg, OH for the final dance recital of our great niece, Caroline. OK just to be honest, she WAS the best of the 100+, all ages, dance company.
Tom joined me for the Muellerleile Family Global Reunion in Seattle WA. The three-day reunion was followed by five glorious day trips that included a postcard photo experience of Mt. Rainier.
Upon returning I got the sinus infection of a lifetime. Nine weeks of on again, off again, total relapse, give me drugs now, will my ears ever clear. My 3rd MD was a sinus specialist who got me in shape to fly home to St Louis for my 50th Visitation Academy high school reunion.  It was an AMAZING time. Only to be followed by more fun when my sister Cecilia and I gave our niece Allie and her finance Kel Vin a wedding shower. 
Our Heifer International’s Partners for Change group put on an inaugural fundraiser to benefit projects in Arkansas and our own Vietnam Dairy Development participants in the Mekong Delta. With the help of sponsors and Bob Greenblatt of NBC/Universal Studios, we truly knocked it out of the park.  We are already at work for our 2nd annual Beyond Hunger fundraiser.
On November 13 I experienced what I thought was food poisoning. Six days later I saw my GP, who sent me to Urgent Care who sent me to a CT scan who had me admitted to ER that night for raging pancreatitis.  They took my gall bladder out on day 6 and it took 2 more days for the pancreatitis to calm down.  My surgeon says I’ll be 100% by Dec 13.  Apparently the pancreas takes its sweet time calming down.
As you know, I have been Tom’s care giver for 28.5 years as I am never really sick.  My previous hospitalization was in 1963 for a tonsillectomy.   
This reversal of care-giving was hard on both of us.  Tom struggled with his chronic pain as he had to miss two epidural treatments and slept at the hospital almost around the clock. His 6'4" frame never found a comfortable way to curl up.
I can not tell you how critical it was for me to have him there. As I have a high tolerance for pain it took me forever to figure out and express how much and where it hurt. Finally Tom had me look at those face charts (never knew they existed) and I was second to the right, almost crying. Once we got through that I had my first narcotic and shortly thereafter one more tablet.  Finally the pain was subdued.
Since returning home, Tom has spent most of his time in bed, recovering. He has had one of the 2 missed epidurals. My friends have rallied and helped finish decorating our home for the holidays.  Special shout out to Mary Pat, Barb, Mary, Cece, Marquise, Galen, Bob and Fr. Jose.
The show must go on and they have seen to it that it will.  We welcome five family house guests this week and host our every other year Christmas party in a few days.
On December 18 we are flying to South Africa for a long anticipated vacation. They’ll be lots of down-time interspersed with trips to Johannesburg, Sun City, Pilansberg National Park, Pretoria and Cape Town.  
We close with prayers of gratitude for health, family and friends.  
We continue to pray faithfully for world peace, understanding and acceptance of one another.
Sending you our love and good wishes through this Holy Season & throughout the coming year, 
Marianne and Tom
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Results of my Just Stay Home Fundraiser 2015
Hello Heifer Donors,
My 5th Annual Just Stay Home Fundraiser, on May 23, 2015 was a huge success.
Fifty-one people decided to Stay Home by donating to the Heifer International Vietnam Dairy Development project to the tune of $16,230.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The door prize winners for the non event are: Louise Owen, Dan Broadley, Nancy Wilson, Terry Kilburn, Tim Yanchun. Laurie Ritz, Karla Ahmanson, Barb Fitzgerald, Beth Correll & Roberta Quiroz.
I will get your prize to you as soon as possible.
Several of you have told me you will be supporting this project before the end of the year.
I have every confidence I will reach my goal of raising $25,000 by December 31.
If you’d like to join the fight to end hunger and poverty while protecting this earth, click here to learn how:
With gratitude, 
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2014 Christmas Letter


Dear Friends & Family,


Tom finally turned 65, so now we both qualify for every senior discount on the planet.  What a hoot. Of course it does mean we have to remember to ask for it!


What was once “daily Mass, then volunteering in the Parish Center on Wednesdays” has now turned into something near a full time volunteer job for Tom.


Pain permitting, he gets to church every weekday  at 7 AM to lead the Divine Mercy chaplet, sets up for the 7:30 Mass where he either lectors, serves or distributes communion (sometimes all three).  This is followed by coffee before he begins trouble shooting in the Parish Center; working on the bulletin, maintaining the website, doing research, fielding calls, helping in most areas.  Frankly, they can’t afford his skill set, and his pain prevents him from being 100% dependable.  It’s a win-win situation.


Tom continues to facilitate ACPA chronic pain support groups.  It’s been uphill getting both locations and people to attend.  Chronic pain sufferers tend to be unreliable when their pain flares.  They may RSVP at 4 PM and fail to turn up 3 hours later.


About 4 months ago, Tom was asked to lead a weekly conference call chronic pain support group sponsored by the Senior Center Without Walls, a telephone community for California elders.


These have been very successful, so Tom hopes the ACPA will move in this direction.  People show up, participate and benefit from the sessions. 


My year kicked off with a wonderful comedy pilot which unfortunately did not sell.  It was such a peak experience for the cast; we have stayed in touch in the belief that it may just sell in the coming year. It’s that clever and that original.  Say a prayer, will you, please?


I did a couple of shorts; Greg LaVoi’s comedy SR JUDY & THE DELINQUENTS, and Shea Butler’s drama, THE WAYSTATION. 


Also did episodes of ANGER MANAGEMENT, MIKE & MOLLY and MARRY ME. 


Currently I have a CHEX MIX  airing, and will have an AUTO DIRECT INSURANCE  airing in January.  Right now, I’m waiting to hear about a commercial that has me on “hold.” 


My spare time was spent on a variety of projects: paramount was my involvement with Heifer International. This has been our number one charity for more than 10 years. I’ve had a variety of opportunities to volunteer & fundraise. If you want to learn how I got started with Heifer, click  If you are interested in my current fundraising effort, please click 

Lots of delicious together time this year. We attended two weddings: Mike & Julie’s here in LA, & Max & Drew’s in SF.  We saw several terrific art installations, about 14 plays/musicals, scores of feature films, the fabulous National Theater Live screenings, monthly card games, fundraisers, parties, Girls Group lunches, and endless other outings.  (MM saw Elton John Live, bucket list.)

And then there was July; we took our first month-long foreign trip: Belgium (Brugge canals & The Anointing of the Lamb, bucket list), Wissant, France, to visit dear friends, Anne France & Vincent, Chunnell (bucket list) to London, then to Alconbury RAF where Tom was stationed in the ‘70s. Visited dear friends, Mary, Norman & Rosemarie, then off to Cardiff, Wales for 9 days. We celebrated Tom’s 65th by attending the DR WHO EXPERIENCE. (bucket list), Then back to London to take a 12 day tour of England, Scotland & Wales. So many highlights but best among them was literally running into Danish friends Charlotte & Stig at Stonehenge (bucket list) , and dancing with my sister Cecilia (foreign travel with ea sib, bucket list) at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.


Tom got back to his Virginian home town for two weeks.  Family & friends feed his soul.


I got to Atlanta, to see pal Mary Pat wow audiences in STEEL MAGNOLIAS. My sisters Jeanne & Cecilia joined me there where our niece Christine hosted us for the weekend.


Three weeks later I made a surprise visit to St. Louis for 3 days. I was the surprise on top of a surprise party, as no one knew I was coming. Saw Jeanne again, brother-in-law Wayne, niece Allie, her friend Kel Vin (our birthday honoree) and then my sister Elaine, who nearly had a coronary when I walked through her door.  Great fun.


We only took on one major house project this year; the redesign of our backyard. This time we hired a professional and all we can say is WOW. We are so happy with Ralph Robinson Environmental Design, we are plugging his company in our Christmas Letter.


Merry Christmas and many blessings throughout the coming new year,



Marianne Muellerleile & Tom Norris



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