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If you feel as I do about the importance of ending hunger and poverty while protecting the earth, perhaps you already know about my #1 charity, Heifer International.

One way to donate to Heifer International is directly, which you may already be doing. If not, I invite you to make a donation via my personal fundraising page:

Additionally, here I offer you another way to help. I am set up as an Amazon affiliate so anything you purchase after arriving at Amazon by clicking my  "Return to Me" link, earns 4-10% of your purchase — which I then donate to Heifer International.

So now, all of your Amazon purchases — books, electronics, gifts, housewares, even groceries — can help end hunger. You just have to come here first and start at my link.

Thank you and many blessings,


By the way, here's another way to see some of my work. These are some of my favorite film roles:

A Smile Like Yours, Adventures of Johnny Tao, Chameleon (1995), Clifford, Curse II: The Bite,  Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story, Executive Decision, Liar, Liar, Memento, Sex Drive, Smokin’ Aces, Thank You for Smoking, The Revenge of the Nerds, and The Terminator. 

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Results of my Just Stay Home Fundraiser 2015
Hello Heifer Donors,
My 5th Annual Just Stay Home Fundraiser, on May 23, 2015 was a huge success.
Fifty-one people decided to Stay Home by donating to the Heifer International Vietnam Dairy Development project to the tune of $16,230.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The door prize winners for the non event are: Louise Owen, Dan Broadley, Nancy Wilson, Terry Kilburn, Tim Yanchun. Laurie Ritz, Karla Ahmanson, Barb Fitzgerald, Beth Correll & Roberta Quiroz.
I will get your prize to you as soon as possible.
Several of you have told me you will be supporting this project before the end of the year.
I have every confidence I will reach my goal of raising $25,000 by December 31.
If you’d like to join the fight to end hunger and poverty while protecting this earth, click here to learn how:
With gratitude, 
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2014 Christmas Letter


Dear Friends & Family,


Tom finally turned 65, so now we both qualify for every senior discount on the planet.  What a hoot. Of course it does mean we have to remember to ask for it!


What was once “daily Mass, then volunteering in the Parish Center on Wednesdays” has now turned into something near a full time volunteer job for Tom.


Pain permitting, he gets to church every weekday  at 7 AM to lead the Divine Mercy chaplet, sets up for the 7:30 Mass where he either lectors, serves or distributes communion (sometimes all three).  This is followed by coffee before he begins trouble shooting in the Parish Center; working on the bulletin, maintaining the website, doing research, fielding calls, helping in most areas.  Frankly, they can’t afford his skill set, and his pain prevents him from being 100% dependable.  It’s a win-win situation.


Tom continues to facilitate ACPA chronic pain support groups.  It’s been uphill getting both locations and people to attend.  Chronic pain sufferers tend to be unreliable when their pain flares.  They may RSVP at 4 PM and fail to turn up 3 hours later.


About 4 months ago, Tom was asked to lead a weekly conference call chronic pain support group sponsored by the Senior Center Without Walls, a telephone community for California elders.


These have been very successful, so Tom hopes the ACPA will move in this direction.  People show up, participate and benefit from the sessions. 


My year kicked off with a wonderful comedy pilot which unfortunately did not sell.  It was such a peak experience for the cast; we have stayed in touch in the belief that it may just sell in the coming year. It’s that clever and that original.  Say a prayer, will you, please?


I did a couple of shorts; Greg LaVoi’s comedy SR JUDY & THE DELINQUENTS, and Shea Butler’s drama, THE WAYSTATION. 


Also did episodes of ANGER MANAGEMENT, MIKE & MOLLY and MARRY ME. 


Currently I have a CHEX MIX  airing, and will have an AUTO DIRECT INSURANCE  airing in January.  Right now, I’m waiting to hear about a commercial that has me on “hold.” 


My spare time was spent on a variety of projects: paramount was my involvement with Heifer International. This has been our number one charity for more than 10 years. I’ve had a variety of opportunities to volunteer & fundraise. If you want to learn how I got started with Heifer, click  If you are interested in my current fundraising effort, please click 

Lots of delicious together time this year. We attended two weddings: Mike & Julie’s here in LA, & Max & Drew’s in SF.  We saw several terrific art installations, about 14 plays/musicals, scores of feature films, the fabulous National Theater Live screenings, monthly card games, fundraisers, parties, Girls Group lunches, and endless other outings.  (MM saw Elton John Live, bucket list.)

And then there was July; we took our first month-long foreign trip: Belgium (Brugge canals & The Anointing of the Lamb, bucket list), Wissant, France, to visit dear friends, Anne France & Vincent, Chunnell (bucket list) to London, then to Alconbury RAF where Tom was stationed in the ‘70s. Visited dear friends, Mary, Norman & Rosemarie, then off to Cardiff, Wales for 9 days. We celebrated Tom’s 65th by attending the DR WHO EXPERIENCE. (bucket list), Then back to London to take a 12 day tour of England, Scotland & Wales. So many highlights but best among them was literally running into Danish friends Charlotte & Stig at Stonehenge (bucket list) , and dancing with my sister Cecilia (foreign travel with ea sib, bucket list) at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.


Tom got back to his Virginian home town for two weeks.  Family & friends feed his soul.


I got to Atlanta, to see pal Mary Pat wow audiences in STEEL MAGNOLIAS. My sisters Jeanne & Cecilia joined me there where our niece Christine hosted us for the weekend.


Three weeks later I made a surprise visit to St. Louis for 3 days. I was the surprise on top of a surprise party, as no one knew I was coming. Saw Jeanne again, brother-in-law Wayne, niece Allie, her friend Kel Vin (our birthday honoree) and then my sister Elaine, who nearly had a coronary when I walked through her door.  Great fun.


We only took on one major house project this year; the redesign of our backyard. This time we hired a professional and all we can say is WOW. We are so happy with Ralph Robinson Environmental Design, we are plugging his company in our Christmas Letter.


Merry Christmas and many blessings throughout the coming new year,



Marianne Muellerleile & Tom Norris



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Heifer Update & artcile on me


Hello Friends, Family & Fans,
My volunteer efforts for Heifer expanded this year when I was chosen to sit on their Golden Talent Award Selection Committee.
The five member committee read about 30 entries from around the world, and then nominated those we felt deserved special recognition for having worked with Heifer to bring their family out of poverty & for their continued dedication to the Heifer mission in their community. 

A cash award of $1,000 is provided by Heifer International Foundation. $800 is for the winner's project group or community and $200 is designated as a cash gift or in-kind gift to the family or individual who earned the award.

I loved being a part of this Award and found the nominees stories one of inspiration and strength.

I also worked on a number of other Heifer efforts, including staffing information booths at various community fairs, chairing an auction component of their Los Angeles 70th anniversary party, working their annual Beyond Hunger Event and participating in their Los Angeles Volunteers Group.

This year I expanded my personal fundraising efforts from April, May & June to January through December.

My goal was to raise $25,000 for our Armenian Women's Project.  Today we are at $30,426! Thank you dear people!

I am currently being featured on the Heifer website. To read the story click the link below.

I am in the process of making a deeper commitment to the Heifer mission by joining the newly formed SoCal Heifer Core Group dedicated to establishing and funding a Heifer project for the next 5 years.

Our second meeting is in January where we will look at Heifer's work and needs in Vietnam having done the same study of Uruguay last month.

I will write you again in the New Year to tell you about my/our next phase of spreading the Heifer mission to end hunger and poverty while protection the earth.

My thanks and gratitude to each of you for your continued dedication and support of me and Heifer International. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Prize Winners for the 2014 Just Stay Home Fundraiser

Barbara Linkivitch

Candy Azarra

Cece Hall

Ian Humphries

Jan Muellerleile

Jin O'Heir

John H Moore

Larry Brown

Mary Alice Muellerleile

Louise Owen

Mary Pat Green

Norma Reynolds

Suze Krebs

Teri Allen


Many thanks to all you donated to Heifer International. 

Total as of 5-18-14   $17,090.89.  Goal for 2014 is $25,000.


Please join the effort to end hunger nad poverty by donating to Heifer International.


Make you donation on my Heifer Team link:

With gratitude, 


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