Weeks of October 16, 23 and 30, 2011

I got through a wretched sinus infection in quick order as I booked a tv demo (voice over) the day I got the infection.  That gave me the weekend to knock it before getting on the mic on Monday. It was fun copy for International Delight creamer.  Did three spots.

My trip to St. Louis was wonderful.  The weather was exceptional, the city so clean and manicured. The landscaping in the public spaces simply breathtaking.  I sort of fell in love with my hometown again.  Next visit I am extending by two days just so I can become reacquainted with the great mid-western city.

Besides the wonderful alumnae luncheon where I received the St. Jane de Chantal Award  for “loyalty, service and community involvement” my 10 minute acceptance speech was enthusiastically received.  I was sincerely surprised and delighted at the standing ovation.

I reconnected with a very good friend, Cindy Hess Hitschler, who has become an accomplished and well known sculptor.  You must explore her studio by going to: http://www.celstumo.com/default.htm Check us on my Photos link under Friends.

I also got about 90 minutes each with pal Annie who is struggling with medical issues and Sr. Margaret Mary who is nursing a shoulder injury but nonetheless managed to usher me to my schools Theater which was about to start a matinee performance of THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE.   Not to be deterred she introduced me to the director and musical director, who whisked me through the backstage, sets, costumes, make-up, orchestra pit and green room.  I met the kids, did a little intro on myself and slipped out the side door as “places” was being called.  I was blown away with how the theater department has been able to grow the program with little space but good support.  Next visit I will attend a performance. 

It goes without saying the best part of this trip was being with my sisters, my niece Allie and meeting her new boyfriend, and of course the brothers-in-law.  It was all just so jam packed.

Major highlight of my sixty hours in town was the surprise party I plotted with my sister Jeanne’s friend Jay.  Jeanne was blown away to find our casual get together was really a gorgeous full blown birthday party for her.  Jay put together a sumptuous Italian repast, invited four of Jeanne’s out of town friends, and wrapped all the presents we had shipped to her home.  The crowning achievement was a stunning chocolate panache birthday cake (see photos under Family) that in fact is the best cake I have ever eaten.  It was created bmy Jay friend and owner of the St. Louis restaurant CRAVINGS. 

Speaking of parties, I waited until this past Thursday to start making the teddy bear I was giving my great nephew Weston for his first birthday party on Saturday.  About 1 AM Friday morning my machine just stopped.  It would no longer feed the fabric through the pressure foot.  Yikes, I was stricken.

I was meeting my friend Karen Mann, costumer from ZEKE & LUTHER, for lunch on Friday so I popped a panic email to her.  She replied with where to take my machine and that she’d bring me a back up Viking machine to the lunch.  How perfect is that?

Got the machine in, along with my overlock which needed a tune up, did an audition at Fox and met Karen.  Great time catching up, good laughs and plans to do it again.

Returned to pick up the machines 4 hours later, got home to make dinner and jump on my Singer for a few hours ti finish up the gift.  Check out photos under relatives.

The party was simply perfection, held at the Shady Canyon Golf Club in Irvine.  As Weston is part Korean this birthday is a great celebration in that culture, known as Dolgabi.  There were games, a caricaturist, a balloon artist, three stations of delicious food, an open bar, a blessings tree, a photographer, lush centerpieces, sit down lunch for 60, presents, favors, treats and probably more.  I had to leave early in order to meet Tom at the National Theatre Live screening of ONE MAN, TWO GUVNERS. (Fantastic show projected to move to Broadway in 2012.)

I’m lector at our 10:30 Mass this Sunday.  Tom and I will catch FOOTLOOSE in the afternoon and possibly MARGIN CALL in the evening.

I’m way behind in my movie viewing but still hope to participate in the Foreign Film nomination viewings starting on Monday.  I’d like to see the 18 entries for my category as each country puts forth their best film of the year.  So every movie we see is fantastic. 

Facial on Tuesday just in time for our trip to Pam Beach.  We’re off to the wedding of Copley Ricca and David Read.  Copley is my girlfriend Sally’s daughter.  Sally was visiting me in LA in the 80s trying to decide if she wanted to pursue acting when she took a pregnancy test and discovered the happy news.  Copley was her first, with Chessy arriving a few years later. Sally and her husband Brooks decided to stay in Palm Beach and begin their family. So this is an exciting time for all of us.

If I get the job I auditioned for last week I’d work October 24 through 28. If not I’ll be on a plane to Little Rock, AK on the 27th to attend the Heifer International Philanthropy Weekend.  It is a jam packed three days of receptions, tours, discussions, lectures.  I’d love to go but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to audition for a recurring part.  It’s out of my hands now.

In between the travels Tom and I will be attending the Virginia Avenue Project Gala as guests of Mary Pat Gleason, a board member.  It’s always a wonderful time as MP hosts two tables filled with all our best friends.  Such fun.

Will be attending the annual Halloween party at my commercial agents during the day and handing our comics that Oct 31 evening.  The kids have come to expect it instead of candy. 

November 1 I am picking up auction donation items from our local Trader Joe’s.  I’ll be fashioning them into a basket and getting it to the church the next day.  So far my friends and I gathered 22 items for our Autumn Eve fund raiser.

I’ve agreed to do a skype session with a Sr. Angela from the University of Dayton.  She teaches playwrights and wants to interview an actor to get our point of view on scripts.  I think she is sending me some questions as prep.

I don’t actually know when I’ll post again.  It may be in two weeks or in four. Stay tuned.

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