Weeks of June 19 and 26, 2011

OK, all I’m doing or thinking about is the reunion.  Well almost.  Tom and I did go to the Paley Center to see Debbie Reynolds Hollywood costume collection.  It’s mind blowing. And I did go out with the Girls for a bang-up time of shopping and Chinese food in beautiful downtown Montrose.   And we did have a lovely dinner party on Thursday and saw THE GREEN LANTERN (give it a B). But other than that and a few voice over auditions, I’ve been pounding the computer and making calls.

Monday our deck furniture arrives.  Thank you Bernie for turning me on to Martha’s stuff. Facial on Tuesday to go with my new short haircut and fabulous Montrose stylin’ reunion clothes.

Have loads of reunion details to address and then a Msgr George Foundation Board meeting on Wednesday night, don’t cha know?  Same evening our great nephew Nick arrives from Newport Beach.  We’re taking him to the reunion.

Thursday we depart in the AM to Minneapolis where we will stay with our friend Terry for the night.  I’ll be hosting a small dinner party at his home so Tom can meet my old pal, Fr Rich Kaley and long time friend Mary. We’ll be a party of 6.

Friday we head out to our destination.  My three sisters and their families will already be there.  After a visit I head to nursing home to visit a relative who has been so helpful with family research.  Unfortunately he can’t make the reunion so I’m bringing some of it to him.

I’m suppose to do a radio interview in the early afternoon and then:

Müllerleile Family Global Reunion Weekend Event Schedule for June 24, 25, 26 2011
Friday June 24  Reunion Opening Meet & Greet

5:30 to 7:30 PM  Church Hall,
    Sign-In for: Welcome packets, IDs, pre ordered memorabilia
    Genealogy Charts posted, make additions, corrections on available form
    See Farmville chart, get web link to join
    Bring USB stick for those who want copy of updated genealogy
    Light refreshments
        Visit “Get to Know your Family” stations in Hall. Bring photos, artifacts, hobby, etc. of your family to share. Limited number of small desks & chairs available.

Saturday June 25 Activities

8:30 to 9:00  LATE Sign-In: Marianne Muellerleile’s hotel

9:30     Visit Müllerleile Centennial Farm (walking tour)
11:00     Family Photo followed by sack Lunch at Park,  playground and swimming
        (no lifeguard on duty)
1:00     Cemetery Living History Tour:
        Muellerleile settlers tell their stories
3:00     FREE PERIOD (Tombstone rubbings, Mass, Church Festival)

4:00     Polka Mass at Church,
    followed by Church Festival: game booths, auction, beer garden on grounds   
6:30    Dinner at American Legion Hall
8:00     Program
9:00 to 1:00 Socialize

Sunday June 26, 2011 Informal Farewell

11:00 AM  at  Church Hall
    Lite refreshments
    Genealogy Charts posted
Optional post reunion tours Sunday afternoon:
    Tour working Roger Muellerleile farm
    Self-guided drive to area cemeteries

Sunday we head back to Minneapolis for dinner on Lake Wayzata and a quiet night before leaving Monday morning. Hit LAX by Noon.  With any luck I’ll be at the gym by 4 while Tom takes Nick to the train station.

Tuesday I plan on doing absolutely nothing.  I mean it.

Wednesday back to the gym and to my Weight Watchers weigh-in to see how I did.  Thursday we’re going to see the National Theater’s filmed version of their CHERRY ORCHARD.

Friday I go see my gastroenterologist.  Having hit the 5 year mark I am due for another colonoscopy.  Fortunately I can put the  actual procedure off until I get back from my Honduran trip in mid July.

We wrap up the week with a lovely concert at the Long Beach Carpenter Center.  I don’t really know how to describe it but it intrigued me.  It’s called FIRST PERSON: SEEING AMERICA.

It’s music set to famous photographs taken throughout America History.

Should be grand.

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Cindy (Hess) Hitschler on June 30, 2011
Hey, Marianne, VERY long time no see...I would like to get in touch with you. Is there any other means beside Facebook? (I don't Facebook). You can reach me by e-mail through my website: www.celstumo.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cindy
Bernie on June 24, 2011
Thanks for the mention. Just got back from Wisconsin and it was wonderful. I swear, you and my sister, Diane, could be best friends. You're the same age, Catholic, a volunteer, husband served in Viet Nam. I turned her on to your website. Hope she becomes as hooked as I am. Saw Green Lantern with the boys. Thought I'd hate it, but ended up really enjoying myself though. Hate Ryan Reynolds, though (kiddin') for his perfect physique. It ain't fair, I tell ya!