Saturday, June 9, 2012

It seems I am able to break a habit quite easily. Having written a blog entry once a week for twelve years I thought I’d feel compelled to write more frequently since I announced I would no longer write weekly.

Now I find myself not wanting to write at all.  But that hardly seems fair, to you or to me.

And so it is, I am writing and posting today, for no particular reason.

My life is as jammed packed as ever but I am not one to want to rehash things.  I am a forward looking person.

For twelve years I wrote about what was on my agenda, and then the next week I commented on that week and what was coming up next. 

With this long absence, the past seems so remote now, and the present and future so full.

Oh dear, I’m not sure exactly what to write.  Isn’t that ridiculous?

Career wise I’ve been walking in a desert for some time now.  Not many auditions but several almost jobs. I was the professed “first choice” on a feature and two commercials but none panned out in the end.  Had numerous callbacks,  and nothing. 

My career has always been important to me but it has never defined me.  I have so many, many interests and loads of energy so I am always in the middle of several projects.

Currently I am in the beginning stages of planning the Keaney Clan Global Reunion, which is my material side.  Most of you  know that last summer, I put on the Muellerleile Family Global Reunion in Minnesota.  I figured since I was in the mood, I ought to press on and do the other side.

I’ve just finished the first major push to develop a database and contact people.  Fortunately I have a volunteer and chair of the 2000 Keaney Clan Reunion in Ireland, to help with this initial phase.  We now have a database with 457 entries.  All with email have heard from me and the hardcopy version is going out to those without it.

I finished a couple of terrific books over the last few weeks.  They are so different from each other but both exceptional.  THE GLASS CASTLE by Jeannette Walls ( based on her life) and
GUNN’S GOLDEN RULES by Tim Gunn. You don’t have to be a fan of Project Runway to appreciate it.

I’ve been trying to see as many movies as I can at the Motion Picture Academy.  My favorites have been:, MOONRISE KINGDOM (quirky & touching) , MARIGOLD HOTEL, SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN, FOR GREATER GLORY (great historical movie with wonderful interwoven storylines), the incredible  documentary called GOD IS THE BIGGER ELVIS &  THE INTOUCHABLES (a French film based on a true story--fabulous).  I also enjoyed DARK SHADOWS.

The best movie I saw was the documentary I AM by Tom Shadyac.  We invited 8 friends to have a potluck and sit together to watch it.  Knocked our socks off.  Do yourself a favor and see it.

Speaking of movies Tom was at the opening of THE AVENGERS at the IMAX Theater and our local ABC entertainment reporter George Pennacchio interviewed him. George is a friend of mine from my PASSIONS days so he met Tom way back when. Razor sharp he spotted him and asked for his assessment of the film. Tom was fabulous. They actually talked for some time but George told him it would be up to the editor to use what they wanted.

So Tom made the local news.  His segment was then picked up nationally by ABC News with Diane Sawyer. He was so great.

We spent our 24th wedding anniversary by enjoying cupcakes from SPRINKLES, the original cupcake bakery, in Beverly Hills.  I am here to say there IS a difference.  I will never bother buying commercial cupcakes again, except from SPRINKLES.  They are amazing.

Then we enjoyed an hour or so at the Last Bookstore, this amazing place in downtown LA.  That was fabulous and a favorite haunt for us. We wrapped up the day by having dinner at a new Chinese Restaurant near City Hall. 

Recently I attended a Talk Back with John Sayles, who directed me in PASSION FISH.  It was terrific reconnecting with him and his partner Maggie Renzi.  (Posted pix) Smart, creative, accessible.

A gas leak lead us to buy a new water heater.  My ancient car needed a new transmission and I opted to have it rebuilt for about $2400.  Tough decision but the right one. Then my car overheated and I nearly had a coronary thinking the engine was gone.  Turns out the thermostat housing had a crack and was under warranty. Whew!

We  had Tom’s niece, in town briefly, over for dinner. We hosted friends from Belgium at the end of May for a few days as well as a friend from Poland, here for a week.

I continue to devote my energy to raising money for Heifer International. I attended a training session to learn about a very exciting partnership with the World Bank and the government of Armenia. Boiled down, it is a 6 to 1 match. $500 raised by Heifer means $3000 more will be kicked in by the other two. Our goal is 3.2 million. I’m talking to friends and strangers trying to build awareness.

A few weeks ago I was notified by my undergraduate school, St. Louis University, that I am being honored along with three others by receiving the University’s Alumni Merit Award. The ceremony and luncheon takes place September 29, in St. Louis, MO, my hometown.

Since many of my family and friends will attend I am trying to think of some fabulous favor to give them.  This is a secret project because I want it to be a surprise.

You may remember last January a friend Sean Anders, asked if I’d be interested in doing a bit for a movie he was directing, the Adam Sandler vehicle, THAT’S MY BOY.

Turns out Tom (who played my husband in a non speaking role) and I made the final cut, which opens next Friday, June 15.  We are in the final credits, I am told.  Be forewarned it is rated R.

In less than 30 hours Tom and I will be hosting 60 guests in our home for a University of Minnesota Entertainment Alumni Reunion. Everything is in place.  I just need about 2 hours for a final set-up.

A few days later Tom and I are taking a much anticipated trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco.  While we are way, friends will be staying in our home so we feel very comfortable leaving.  They are thrilled to get time in the City and we are thrilled to be going to the Old Country.

Life is very, very good.

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