• I'm in the Super Bowl 2024 commercial BetMGM with Tom Brady and Vince Vaughn, currently airing nationally, cable and wildspot!
  • The contract for this has been reinstated. so thrilled. Four versions (Aunts) of my GEICO commercial is now airing again: National Network, Cable, Syndication, Local TV, Internet, New Media, Industrial, YouTube.
  • I'm in the Super Bowl 2022 commercial for BMW with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Salma Hayek.
  • While in NYC last Fall I did a podcast for Jesuitical, part of AMERICA Media, the Catholic/Jesuit point of view on our contemporary world. I welcomed an opportunity to share my faith. My segment starts about 12:38 to 40:38. Enjoy! Co-hosts Zac Davis & Ashley McKinless (Link)
  • Sling TV commercial currently airing on Internet. Shot during the coronavirus pandemic,from each actor's home. Click on link. (Link)
  • I appear as Anne Rothstein in the feature film QUEEN BEES set to release in June 11, 2021.
  • I voice "Lucille" on Disney Jr's animated series THE ROCKETEER, airs on Fridays. at 8 & 11 AM (EST) on EDT, on Disney Jr at 5 PM EDT and on DisneyNow. Each episode will run for a week.
  • Did a podcast interview with Tommy Kovac. Lots of fun. Click on the link to hear it. (Link)
  • I did a podcast with Eddie Green for TERMINATOR 101. It can be found on: Anchor iTunes Google Play Music Spotify or any other place podcasts are found! Just search "Terminator 101" and look for the logo featuring Arnold in black & white with his red eye exposed. Here's a direct link to Anchor: (Link)
  • Listen to an interview I did recently for about my career and time on MURPHY BROWN. Search on link for Secretary #8. (Link)

Recent DVD Releases

  • SOME KIND OF BEAUTIFUL directed by Tom Vaughan with Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek & Jessica Alba and me as Principal Chandler.
  • DAMN FOREIGNERS, written & directed by Saeed Khoze, with me as the Judge.

Other News

  • Stunned and thrilled to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from St. Louis University, May 20, 2023
  • Thrilled my undergraduate school, St. Louis University, featured me in their 2022 Spring issue of our alumni magazine Universitas.
  • I am a long time donor/volunteer for Heifer International. Currently I am raising funds for Guatemalan Spice Farmers. You can learn more about this effort by going to my personal Heifer page "Just Stay Home Fundraiser." Thank you so much. (If the link fails please cut and paste into your browser: (Link)
  • I was interviewed about my experience working on THE TERMINATOR over 30 years ago. Check it out by clicking on the link. (Link)
  • I am featured on the Heifer Internatioinal website as a longtime donor/volunteer. Please check it out. (Link)
  • THE ASPIRING ACTORS HANDBOOK is on sale through Amazon. I am proud to be a contributor and recommend it to anyone trying to decide if they should pursue an acting career or is currently entering the field. (Link)
  • The Michael Jackson video HOLD MY HAND that was in part, filmed at our home is available at the link below. It’s hard to see what part is ours as so much was done in close-ups. Look for: roses, angels, guest bedroom with soft lite sconces over bed, master bathtub, dining room, piano, etc. The house is in there 24 times. Can you find them? (Link)
  • Dan Schneider interviewed me on ACTING. Click on link. (Link)